About Us

Who We Are

Tribus Legal Consultants is a 100% Black Female owned legal consultancy firm established to provide efficient and effective legal services in an unconventional manner.

We believe in educating our client base and the youth at large on the basic legal fundamentals on our social media platforms in colloquial terms to create a space in which our prospective clients can approach us easily having an idea on the sort of legal challenge that they are faced with.

We marry our education around socio-economic topics that are relevant to our prospective client base.

Our firm is made up of a composition of three young black female Attorneys, Conveyancers and Notaries, who are passionate about the law and their respective fields of expertise, and who have amongst themselves qualifications ranging from BCom, LLB and Masters degrees. Outside the law, they have completed an Entrepreneurial course at the Gordan Institute of Business Science. The leadership of the company is extremely passionate about empowering others, creating healthy learning environments and ensuring that your business and legal affairs are professionally dealt with.

What Makes Us Different

Our culture is one that embodies the spirit of Thuto, Kgolo and Thekgo, which translated means to educate, grow and support. We aim to create an environment which embodies individualism, excellence and a healthy work environment for all.

We are bridging the gap to provide affordable and necessary legal packages for start-up businesses in our society. We have curated 5 bespoke packages tailored to suit each specific entrepreneur. We believe that when we collaborate with SMME’s, we can effectively grow with the company while ensuring that their legal needs are taken care of. 




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